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Interesting yet unsurprising - HITNS Press Release


Hugo claims he “resigned” but here’s what the press release says for Healthy is the New Skinny (thanks to ethereon for finding this):

Press Release from Healthy is the New Skinny

Christy Black


Healthy is the New Skinny addresses change in their organization


LOS ANGELES, January 14, 2012: Due to past events that have been brought to light in Hugo Schwyzer’s personal life, we have decided to end all ties and he will no longer be working with our organization. While his performance with Healthy is the New Skinny (HNS) has been professional and valuable in helping to raise awareness about the struggles of dealing with body image issues in society, he will no longer be affiliated with HNS.

“While we have appreciated working with Hugo, we were not made aware of the extent of the events that have transpired and do not feel that it would be prudent for him to continue working with HNS.” – Katie Halchishick, Co-founder of Healthy is the New Skinny

We are dedicated to building the best team possible to help further the HNS movement. Even though he wasn’t a good fit for our team we wish Hugo success in his personal and professional life.

Healthy is the New Skinny is a multi-platform movement to bring a message of health, joy and responsibility to the beauty and fashion industries.  Through bold and creative initiative, HNS works with media, corporate, and modeling partners to create lasting change.  The Perfectly Unperfected Project is the non-profit outreach arm of Healthy is the New Skinny.  PUP brings a powerful, interactive multi-media presentation about health, self-esteem, and transformation to schools, university, and general audiences.

Yep, it’s definitely fishy!

Which is it, Hugo?

Did you resign or did they end ties with you? 

I know you read this Tumblr :) 

So spreading awareness has an effect, after all.