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Fantasy Genre and POC



I find it sooo damn funny when White people use the whole “it’s historical, you darkies weren’t there” and blah blah blah reason to justify the exclusion of POC from fantasy fiction. Yet when POC have just the one fantasy book, or game about them White people want to inject themselves and find bullshit reason as to why.

Avatar the Last Airbender film had white protags even though the main characters in the series are not white and the world they live in is high fantasy mythical Asia. 

“These characters are Asian”

“Nooooo they are not it says Earthbender not Japanese!!!111”

Yet a POC in something like the Hobbit is just not allowed.

“They could at least have some diverse casting if not in the main cast maybe the supporting hell even in the background”

“Shut up!111!!oneone It takes place in European magic times you darkies werent there”

“Actually there is evidence of Africans and Asian in these places-

“BLAh shut up I like my fantasy whiter than bleach on snow white”

I think the only other times I saw Black people in fantasy medieval europe other than Merlin and Dr Who was in Black Knight with Martin Lawrence (everyone thought he was just a Moor that was visiting from Normandy, France) and Morgan Freeman as a Moor in Robin Hood

 Dragonball Evolution based on Chinese folklore

“This sucks man Goku is Japanese, this is based on Chinese folklore.”

“Goku is not Asian he is Saiyan1!”

“Superman is from Krypton I guess that he can be portrayed by any race too huh?”

“NOOO!!111 Superman is an all American hero!”

And of course Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys was to be made into a film but the producers wanted to remove the mystical elements and have the characters be White instead of Black but Gaiman told them Fuck no.

Earthsea was another book that had a POC main cast and world but was whitewashed in the film adaptation even in the Anime.

The Arkh project features POC in a high fantasy game whenever have you seen that? And with a Black lead hero character that is genderqueer? I mean there are so few Black females in video games to begin with but can anyone name me one that is the lead? All I can think of is Catwoman and Shinobu from No More Heroes 2 and you only get to play as her for a short amount of time then its back to Travis

Yet there were white people upset that there wouldn’t any white characters (there are 2 but very minor.) 

White people have soooooo many fantasy books, films, tv shows, video games based on Europe with White people and even hijack POC fantasy be content with what you have and let us have ours. Bitching like spoiled children, really.

POC ain’t supposed to have nothing in this world or the fantasy worlds created.