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The second allistic people get angry and offended, they can just delete their tumblr and start over. Worse yet, they can find support immediately from other allistics who were “bullied” by autistic people. Autistic people get harassed by allistic people and we can’t run from it because it’s everywhere. You’re in our spaces, you feel entitled enough to speak over us, you dismiss our experiences as invalid, you raise money for “cures”, all while ignoring very real issues with regard to housing, (un)employment, police brutality (which is more likely to happen to autistic people of color), and so many more issues that ACTUALLY affect autistic people. But rather than listening, you get up in arms because an autistic person told you to shut up and listen because you were trying to get involved in a conversation that doesn’t concern you. Yes, allistic people, I am angry at you and your entitlement. I have every right to be.

(TW: Ableism, Medical Abuse, Neglect, ED (Weight), Ableist Language) The other story from a ‘Pillow Angel’ Been there. Done that. Preferred to grow.




(TW: Ableism, Medical Abuse, Neglect, ED (Weight), Ableist Language)

Three years ago, a 6-year-old Seattle girl called Ashley, who had severe disabilities, was, at her parents’ request, given a medical treatment called “growth attenuation” to prevent her growing. She had her uterus removed, had surgery on her breasts so they would not develop and was given hormone treatment. She is now known by the nickname her parents gave her — Pillow Angel.

The case of Ashley hit the media in January after publication of an article in a medical journal about her treatment. It reappeared in the news recently because of the admission by Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center that the procedures its doctors had performed to stop Ashley from growing and reaching sexual maturity violated state law. In Canada (as in Australia), a child can be sterilized only with the consent of a court.

At the time of the initial publicity about growth attenuation, Ashley’s parents wrote on their blog: “In our opinion only parents of special needs children are in a position to fully relate to this topic. Unless you are living the experience, you are speculating and you have no clue what it is like to be the bedridden child or their caregivers.”

I did live the experience. I lived it not as a parent or caregiver but as a bed-ridden growth-attenuated child. My life story is the reverse of Ashley’s.

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“Ashley’s doctors may have used the term static encephalopathy to avoid the outcry that would have followed if people realized that it was being suggested that girls with cerebral palsy should have surgery to stunt their growth and prevent puberty.

You should absolutely read this.

Seriously, I’ve posted about this so many fucking times and it’s still one of the worst and most horrible things I have ever read. This is the ‘mental age’ argument used to neuter a six year old girl like a dog, so if she is ever raped, no one will have to deal with a pregnancy.

This is how ‘severe disability is a tragedy that happens to families of the disabled person’ is used to excuse unspeakable human rights abuses against a CHILD, and do you know how people ‘found out’ about it?

The doctors were so fucking proud of what they had done, they published a fucking PAPER on the ways they had medically experimented on this child, in order to keep her six years old FOREVER.






The thing is, you’re a minority and want to change the world so that it treats you better? You’re going to need allies, and speaking as one of them, this is not the way to do it.
Being an abled ally, any kind of ally, isn’t about being 100% perfect, or even 80%, ain’t about agreeing with people who swear at you and insult you for being ignorant, or expressing a different opinion than yours, because the world has treated them like crap and the rage feels good burning in their chests and shouting from their computer screen.

sheathandshear’s response to facts on the overwhelming violence women with disabilities are faced with including rape, torture, murder, dismemberment, and being further tortured and mutilated  in order to protect their torturers and rapists from ever facing justice. (via girljanitor)

So basically she’s saying, “Gosh, I already went above and beyond by being a self-proclaimed ally, the least you can do in return is put up with the fact I still don’t see you freaks as human!” as if somehow being treated with basic respect and decency is too much to ask from anyone, let alone someone who claims to be trying to help us.

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it’s more along the lines of, “I know you’re dying but you REALLY need to consider all the ACTUAL REAL people you’re annoying with your heart-rending screams of suffering, i mean, I CAN SEE that you’re dying, you don’t have to keep screaming about it all the time. Gahhhd.” *put in earplugs and complains about disabled women forcing them to wear earplugs*

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People like this are why I’ve started to simply describe it as being a decent human being. If someone who has a different oppression from me says I’m their ally, that’s fine, but overall I’m just trying to be a decent human being and I don’t actually care about fucking cookies. I can make my own if I want ‘em and I don’t put icing on my cookies anyhow so they won’t say shit.

In my opinion, being a decent human being means treating people with respect and taking criticisms (regardless of “tone”) under advisement. At least then if I make the same mistake twice it’s my own damn fault and I know I deserve whatever wrath pours down upon my head.

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And this is a good example of why it is the oppressed group in question that gets to define what an ally is to them and not anyone else.

This piece of shit isn’t an ally by any stretch of the imagination.

Manduri-chan [Trigger warning for violence, ableism]





Here it is, in rebloggable text format. Posted by Anonymous on 4chan

So, to let everyone know the situation before I begin, I’m in a wheelchair.

I have no use of my legs after getting into a carcrash at 15, that also lost my brother who was 17 and the driver.

It was all very terrible, but I’m 20 now, while it obviously still haunts us and was very sad, we remember my brother’s birthday every year still, and we get on with life.

I’m more or less used to being handicapped, I try not to let it affect me more than it has to.

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This is the worst. I mean all the horrible stories coming out of weaboo-stories about molesters and rapist wannabes and racists are awesome but DOING VIOLENCE ON A WHEELCHAIR USER?

Huge Trigger Warning for ableism.


I would have killed the bitch…..

Like straight up adrenaline rush KILLED THE BITCH.

I am so glad that bitch is in jail and is being charged with a hate crime.

And she had the nerve to try and run????

Oh no….

I am seriously shaking right now in anger….

She seriously would have been DEAD.






… I have no words to adequately describe the fuckery that is Mandy. What the actual fuck…?

Why I Cannot Accept Ableism


TW Ableism

I was not born assertive.  I worked my way from meek to shouting at a protest.  I was born the most mild-mannered person imaginable.  If I had not encountered ableism, I would probably have become an academic, taught English or History, and lived out my days without bothering anyone.  The story of the route from then to now will become more public as I have the nerve to contemplate new parts.  Personal experience is part of the reason I cannot hold my tongue and tolerate prejudiced comments by a pundit or a donation to Autism Speaks.  Beyond the visceral response, I will meet prejudice with anything from gentle correction to overt confrontation.  What the offender gets varies case-by-case.  What I will never do unless critically low on time and spoons, rarely even then, is ignore it.  The stakes are too high.

I cannot leave a dehumanizing word alone when a fellow writer, member of my generation, and apparent nice person appears to be loosing his chance at life because he shares my label.  The transplant denial seems to touch on stereotypes that autistics are violent.  Within twenty-four hours, a new story of an autistic victim of abuse came out.  A man was executed despite an obvious intellectual disability because Texas has a definition thereof both cruel and unusual.  A spectator at the Olympics was detained by police.  They found him suspicious because he did not smile.  Parkinson’s has stiffened his facial muscles.  If an autistic person or anyone else of stiff or flat affect had been sitting where he was, the same events would have transpired.  This is one day’s news.

The ableist word that elicets a lecture from me may not kill anyone, but the idea, made socially acceptable and allowed to enter the decision-making of all manner of authority figures, plays a part in wrongful, preventable deaths.  The assumption that there is one acceptable facial expression per situation is not particularly dangerous in and of itself.  In the hands of police, it leads to a random spectator dragged away from a race and detained.  It ends a few lives, damages the quality of many more, and sends tendrils of pain out through networks of loved ones.  It wounds individuals, families, groups of friends, companies, religious institutions, charity organizations, communities, and society.  No, I cannot lay off, shut up, leave well enough alone, or mind my own business.  Ableism is the concern of everyone it hurts.


That was very eloquently put.

How YOU can prevent photoconvulsive seizures! {PLEASE REBLOG}


Photoconvulsive seizures are terrifying. Basically, a photoconvulsive seizure is a seizure brought on by visual data, often flickering, strobing, or flashing stimuli. Fortunately, one of the best ways to prevent photoconvulsive seizures is helping people to avoid this sort of stimuli, and it’s something that you can do easily by THINKING about what you do and use. Here are some simple ways to help prevent photoconvulsive seizures in epileptic folks.

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It also taps into the long history of abuse in the autistic community. When you’re autistic, it’s not abuse; it’s therapy, and it’s for your own good. If you could just act like a person, it wouldn’t happen. The goal of a lot of “treatment” programs for autistic kids is to make us “indistinguishable from our peers.” These programs got their start in conversion programs for gay or effeminate boys. They make people kill themselves. They fuck you up. And they’re the de facto educational option for autistic kids. If you call someone “high functioning,” you are reinforcing every person in their life who taught them that to avoid being hurt, they needed to be someone else.
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If you want an understanding, one-on-one discussion about something important…don’t look to Tumblr.

Don’t be human, either. Don’t make mistakes or look to clear up misconceptions you may have. Never, ever tell someone what you’ve heard or learned elsewhere in case
You were given false…

Life threatening? Give me a fucking break. The only thing life threatening is the caretakers, parents and bullies who kill autistic people. Autism is not life threatening. You are on the fucking Internet. You have Google. Use it. You’ve had half a dozen autistic people educate you in great detail, but you persist in playing the martyr and wallowing in privilege going “poor me”. We aren’t just a bunch of meanies. We are people who are fed up with people like you, who claim to just be playing devil’s advocate , but in reality, are a-ok with eugenics.

Awww the poor widdle allistic’s feelings. Now they’ve deleted all the posts you’ve criticised while also imploring people to read their original post. Like… wow… delete all evidence of your own wrong-doing and then proceed to claim innocence. Ugh what a fucking douche.

Why “autistic attitude” exists


Because you would be fucking pissed if you were frequently infantilised and/or demonised too. We’re snotty because we are pissed, we are pissed because ableism towards us is happening all the time. It is allistic people with the attitude problem, not us.

The problems with “person-first” language:


As a bipolar autistic, I have a lot of issues with “person first” language. First and foremost, I’m pretty bothered by the fact that the majority of its support comes from neurotypicals. It should go without saying that people who don’t share our experiences of mental illness and neurodivergence are not in a position to speak for us. And yet, that is exactly what is happening. Organizations like Autism Speaks and the American Psychiatric Association tout themselves as the ultimate authority on how we feel. And they have spent millions of dollars on campaigns to create that image. And part of these campaigns have been to insist that we should be referred to in “person-first” language. 

Simply put, “person-first” language means to maximize a person’s humanity, by minimizing their disability/disorder. Instead of referring to me as an “autistic bipolar”, someone who uses person-first would refer to me as “Izzy, who has bipolar disorder and autism”.  

This might not seem problematic, until one considers that this is not how I refer to myself. I consider my disorders to be integral to my identity, for better or for worse. Nobody bothers to find out if this is the case, however; people assume that I prefer person-first. And if I explicitly state that I consider my bipolar and autism to be major pieces of my identity, people immediately express concern for my mental well-being. Apparently, my disorders are not things I should accept. 

If we are the ones with mental illness or neurological differences, we get to decide what to call ourselves. Your job as a neurotypical is to shut up, listen, and learn.