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To all the atheist homosexuals and transgender people out there.








So I assume you believe there’s no god. 

Which means you probably believe in evolution. 

So then how do you justify your actions? 

Explain to me how it is scientifically and evolutionary permissible to be homosexual or transgender. 

I honestly want to know. 

Dear OP,

I do believe you’ve already gotten the hint from my good friends here that your behavior with this post was unacceptable. However, I thought it might be helpful for you to understand why this thought process of yours is actually counterintuitive. Maybe you’ll learn something, and the next time someone brings up your point, you can actually be helpful to the world at large and teach them the same thing I’m about to teach you:

Sexual behavior in all forms, including homosexuality, being transgender, even polyamory, is genetic. It’s natural, in the sense of “being in nature”. It is not a solely human trait. It is not Satan’s plot to spread evil in a big sinner sandwich. The fact that people have not caught onto this yet means that we’re thousands of years behind every other species on the planet, congratulations.

Did you know that homosexuality is at least 50% directly attributed to DNA? If this country wasn’t so trigger happy it’d probably be even more. Did you also know, that in cases where a female is closely related to an openly homosexual male, her rate of reproduction is dramatically increased? There’s your “permissible”. I’d like to know why it’s permissible to act in such a foolish manner as yours. At least we’re helping the survival of our species.

You’ve probably been told that the closest animal to humans in terms of genetics is the chimpanzee, and while that’s true, there’s another animal that is just as close, if not slightly closer, than they are. They’re called the bonobo, and they don’t often keep them in zoos for one very simple reason: they really like their sexytimes, and zookeepers don’t want all the little kids asking why the monkeys are wrestling and moaning like that. Another fun fact: the entire species is bisexual. Pretty cool right? You know that community of naked poly hippies your mom saw on that camping trip once? That’s basically the bonobo.

In reality, a whole bunch of species have sexual traits that are often attributed only to the sins of humanity. Giraffes have one of the highest rates of homosexuality and bisexuality. Black swans, which are well known for being caring partners who mate for life, have a male homosexuality rate of 25%. And that’s not just banging, they raise kids together with the help of surrogate mothers who leave after the eggs are layed, and their children have a higher survival rate than hetero swan couples. What about transgender, you ask? Obviously that can’t be natural, it requires a much higher form of thinking than—oh, wait. Lions, king of the jungle? Try queen of the jungle. Many lionesses have been observed in the wild as having their own pride, mating only with other females, and chasing away males that try to come into their territory. The extra surge of testosterone from being all awesome and butch and pridelord-y even makes some of them grow manes. Hello drag kings.

The coolest part? The other animals are fine with it. How can some wild creature even understand the concept of “unnatural”? Nothing about animals is unnatural, and, lo and behold, we’re animals, just like everything else.

That is why it’s scientifically permissible. Because it’s in every corner of the world, in every kingdom and species and subspecies, every niche, and every culture. It’s permissible because it’s real. And, I’m sorry OP, but do you know how small of a percentage the members of your religion are, out of all the creatures in the world? I think evolution has stacked the odds against you.


The Product of Millions of Years of Successful Evolution


This is the best thing.

Thank you so much for this.

There’s not much to add to the fantastic response above, but as a biology professor, I feel compelled to try :)

1) Altruism in social species. The OP’s assumption is based on a totally flawed understanding of evolution/natural selection. In a social species (like ours), it’s not always about reproducing yourself; it’s about your genes getting passed on. In a crowded environment where resources are scarce, it makes a lot more sense to help your siblings care for their young (who share a high percentage of your genes) than to have more offspring the environment can’t support. As the planet continues to get overpopulated, homosexuality becomes advantageous because it means there are more aunts/uncles caring for children to give those kids the best shot they can have instead of making them compete with their cousins for scarce resources.

2) Evolution isn’t a belief, and it’s not limited to atheists. Evolution is a scientific theory that is as well supported as other scientific theories like germ theory (the idea that bacteria/viruses are what cause disease) and gravity. A person doesn’t “believe in” evolution; they accept and understand it as scientific explanation for observed phenomena. And it is very possible (and indeed extremely common) for people of faith to do so.


A PhD geneticist and practicing Christian who has no problem accepting either evolution or homosexuality as scientific realities


incidentally that bit about having lots of aunts and uncles to help care for kids is part of the reason, biologically speaking, that there is a tendency for the younger children in large families—specifically with regards to the boys—to be homosexual.  the likelihood of being gay when you’ve already got older brothers goes up with every brother you have.  have a source.  kind of tends to support the theory that being queer is an evolutionary mechanism of population control.  cool, huh?

so my being bi and poly is genetic? sweet.

I feel smarter for having read all of this.



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Agreed. Stay the heck away from the comments, though.


Not all people have the “standard model” brain, and a lot of those people are proud atheists and need the support of a freethinking community. But many atheists pride themselves on being “more intelligent” than religious people, and are quick to call fundamentalists “crazy”.

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